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Around the Wanamaker Organ in 80 Minutes



Our bestselling DVD of the World's Largest Playing Musical Instrument! Images show every cavernous pipe chamber, ethe interior of the massive console and sample sounds of numerous stops from this Philadelphia landmark as the colorful history of the fabled department store it graces unfolds.

Narrated by Nelson E. Buechner with music selections by Peter Richard Conte, Keith Chapman and Virgil Fox. Included are detailed features on the Store and the Christmas Light Show.

Curator Curt Mangel also presents a fascinating behind-the-scenes segment on the ongoing restoration at Macy's. From the Friends of the Wanamaker Organ. The DVD has all region codes enabled so it will play on any NTSC (or multi standard) DVD player and any computer capable of playing DVDs. Order now!

Bonus Music Program

CHAPMAN: Fanfare and Procession (Chapman)
DEBUSSY: The Engulfed Cathedral (Chapman)
GUILMANT: Marche Religieuse (Conte)
BONNET: Elves (Conte)
WIDOR: Finale from Symphonie II (Chapman)

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